The shop. The basement. The grow room. This space near the train tracks in PDX has been our home since 2015 and it’s where we grind. We use cutting edge techniques to ensure we produce the highest quality products while being conscious of our impacts. Our integrated pest management (IPM) program utilizes predatory and beneficial organisms to keep our plants healthy without harmful chemicals. Precision irrigation allows us to ensure the plants get the water they need without wasting a drop. Why do we care? Because you care.


If there’s anything we love to show off, it’s our genetics. Our flagship strain Dawgy Treats (with test results over 34% THCa in some crops) has a cult-like following, and we’re proud of that. But we have more to offer than that. We’ve offered more than thirty distinct strains of our own genetics, and three original strains exceeding 30% THCa in lab confirmed tests (Dawgy Treats, DT-95, and Chronsonto)…and we’re always working on more.


Teamwork makes the dream work. Each member of the Hydrus Hydroponics team comes from a diverse background, creating a unique culture with lots of different perspectives. We’re constantly innovating and looking for the next best thing to bring to the market.